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Digital P.I. Assessment and Management Expert System

We stand at an exhilarating crossroads, where a groundbreaking opportunity within our profession awaits those bold enough to seize it.

Unlock the Potential of Digital Technology for Your Personal Injury Practice. Digital advancements are reshaping the landscape of injury claims assessment and management. This cutting-edge technology uncovers overlooked damages, amplifies claim values for attorneys, and positions you as an indispensable asset like never before.

As a chiropractor, this places you at the forefront of PI attorneys' needs, addressing their primary concern of undervalued claims head-on.

Benefits of Embracing Digital Technology:

  • Uncover overlooked claim factors, potentially increasing value by up to 80%

  • Establish yourself as the trusted expert attorneys turn to for maximum valuation and resolution of lowball offers

  • Experience a threefold increase in referrals practically overnight

  • Achieve exponential revenue growth through amplified referrals

  • Introduce a lucrative avenue as an Injury Claim Auditor, commanding up to $1,500 per hour

How It Works:

  • Pinpoints subtle non-economic damages missed by human analysis

  • Integrates an advanced Online Digital Assessment And Management Tool

  • Incorporates automated Clinical Decision Support Systems (CDSS)

  • Leverages Computer-Aided Diagnosis and Decision Making (CADD)

  • Facilitates over 600 precise medical injury decisions

Join Our Live Online Briefing or Set-up a Screen Share demo at your Convenience

Gain exclusive insights from seasoned industry expert Dr. Frank Liberti on how this digital technology can propel your referrals and revolutionize your PI practice practically overnight. Plus, rest assured that this digital solution seamlessly integrates with your existing record system and is affordable.

Register Below to Secure Your Spot at the Live Webcast or If You're Unable to Attend, Schedule a Screen Share Demo at Your Convenience.

Don't miss the opportunity to be a part of the Digital Technology Revolution in Personal Injury!

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